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Oct 19 2013 Anchor

I am a 27 year old composer from Norway. I've mostly worked on mods in the past and feel ready to accept new challenges.
What I am looking for is a game project that I feel is promising within one of my specialty genres:
Fantasy, Horror, Mystery/adventure, Steampunk and Sci-Fi.

Current demo: Soundcloud

Only includes 7 unmastered examples of music for an on-hold fantasy project (Morrowind mod) at the current time.

What I can do:

-Compose and produce an entire exclusive soundtrack from start to finish.

-Comfortable with both a more involved approach IE. heavy interaction with a lead producer to make changes where fit, or more independent work.

-Mostly in-the-box (sample based) but can also embellish with live vocalists (but in the latter case I expect both a more lenient deadline and compensation for additional musicians)

-I can lead produce for the entire game's audio.

If your game is very impressive and in my specialty genres, I may work for free or almost for free. (Not as a lead producer though, this will always require compensation.)

Steam: MetalHandkerchief
Or simply PM me here
or drop a word in the thread linking to your game project, I'll have a look and PM you back ASAP :)

Soundcloud updated with 3 new clips. Still looking for a project.

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