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Sep 28 2013 Anchor

Hi all!

I didn't know where to put it but i wanna ask someone to make a mod for me.
I only want some new units and skins.
So what I want is:

E-75 German Heavy tank with SS and winter/summer camo (like Pz6BH normal camo) ...oh and please be technically accourate.I want it to be realistic.(armor thickness,gun penetration etc.(it has a 128mm cannon))
Pz6BH SS skin and winter camo and some more camos
PZ6E SS and winter camo
Löwe both SS and winter/summer camo
Some camos for IS-2 and IS-3,KV-1

Thats all.Not too mutch I think.

Sep 28 2013 Anchor

No one will do this for you. You are better off searching current Men of war mods for ones with theses features in it.


Someone wrote: Her?

Sep 28 2013 Anchor

I tried but i didnt find anything. :( I really wanna an E-75.

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