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May 22 2017 Anchor

Hello modders!

I am making an IWAD (or maybe IPK3) for the GZDoom engine, it's going to be my first game and is inspired by games like Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom (obviously!), Quake 1 and 2 as well as 90s action movies.

I need some 2D graphics as I have done a few myself, I do not have a graphics tablet yet... and I'd kinda like to get some additional developers on my game besides myself.

1. Weapons

I will need 2D sprites for the following types of weapons. (Be sure to make the hands look similar to the player's hands in Freedoom)

  • Glock 17 (Slightly similar to the one in Duke Nukem 3D.)
  • Shotgun (possibly... I might just use the Shotgun sprites from one of the older versions of Freedoom as I think it looks pretty cool... though if you feel like making a shotgun sprite set, I'd like the Shotgun to be gray with some wooden parts.)
  • Rocket Launcher (Come up with any design, just don't make a generic "realistic" green bazooka.)
  • Assault Rifle (similar to the one from the Alpha version of Doom.)
  • Grenades (Don't need hud sprites for these... just the grenades themselves.)
  • Chaingun

2. Monsters

I haven't really came up with many monsters yet... I'd like to go with a Quake-ish H.P. Lovecraft look for them, but they are going to be aliens instead of brown spider-looking demon things.

  • A brown humanoid alien... - It will just chase the player (similar to the Pinky Demon in Doom).
  • Brown Cyborg alien. - It will carry some sort of alien weapon and shoot at the player. (Amazing idea, I know.)
  • Deadly Duck. - A tongue-in-cheek "monster" that will semi-harmlessly chase after the player. They will look similar to a brown mallard, give them a rather cartoon-ish look. (Named after the obscure Atari 2600 game published by 20th Century Fox.)
  • Samurai Alien... - another humanoid alien that will chase after the player with a sword.
  • Rat. - Not really a monster, more of a non-hostile NPC... just a small gray domestic rat to add more "detail".
  • Flamethrower. - A Terminator 800-ish robot that is equipped with a flamethrower.
  • Mutant Dog - A mutated alien dog that will chase the player. (Amazing idea.)
  • Grey Alien - The typical cliche grey alien... he will walk around and throw green plasma (or slime) balls at the player.
  • Mutant Toad/Frog - Another small animal enemy, this one will shoot a green plasma (or slime) ball at the player.
  • Mutant Bat - Yet another small animal enemy, it will charge at the player.

3. The player.

So far I have no name or back-story for the main protagonist... I do however want him to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from Last Action Hero... (at least until I can come up with a better character design.)

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Aug 15 2017 Anchor

What are you offering in exchange for services?

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