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Dec 28 2012 Anchor

I'd like to share a gameplay prototype I've been building with a friend, and ask for your feedback on it. Working title is 'Galaxy at War' and it's a multiplayer sci-fi real time tactics/strategy game. Or rather a prototype of core gameplay of such a game;) The game profile on IndieDB can be found here, for anyone curious.

The design goal we've set for ourselves is to build a game that's all about tactical decisions rather than tech choices, research trees or reflex. We’re aiming for simple mechanics relying on player choice to build complexity. Think real-time checkers, or (dare we compare ourselves to it) chess in space. What we currently have is a veeery early prototype, like, pre-pre-PRE-alpha-early, so excuse the quality of art, GUI, usability etc. We're looking for feedback to see if we're on track to meet the design goal we've set for ourselves, what sucks, what's fun and what's promising but needs tweaking.

If anyone felt like helping out with feedback, working builds of the game can be accessed here:

Inside each .zip you’ll find a Game Cheat Sheet PDF. It’s REALLY handy, as we have no in-game help whatsoever and things can be slightly confusing in the beginning;)

The game is 1v1 Player vs Player only, you can’t play it solo, so feel free to share it with your friends. Set up a match and play a few games. In return just please share feedback: what you enjoyed, what you didn't enjoy and what you think could make the game better!

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