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May 19 2017 Anchor

Hey folks, I have started to develop concepts and ideas around an idea for a game that I was hoping to get some feedback on. I have posted about this on the AGS (Adventure Game Studio) forms some weeks ago as I was developing things, however I don't seem to be getting much response in terms of useful feedback such as if what I am doing is of any interest to gamers, at this point I am somewhat concerned whether I am wasting my time on this since I am also seeking help regarding the code side of things. Originally this was going to be a traditional point and click adventure however I think expanding on that in a few ways to make the game richer in feature and gameplay might be a better route and I have by doubts if AGS can do what I am envisaging for this game. So right now it is looking like this game will be made in whichever engine the coder, I hope to find, is most comfortable with.

I have also created a post regarding this idea in the IndieDB recruitment section, outlining the basic ideas, possible mechanics, and the concept images, possible method of release and so on. So rather then post that whole post in here and possibly annoy forum mods for doubling a post, I will insert a link to it at the bottom of this post.

I would greatly appreciate any advice/feedback on this, so if anyone would like to comment please reply on this thread rather then the recruitment thread.


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May 21 2017 Anchor

I've made a quick read on your game concept. I can see some interesting features but at same time some missing features

I have some questions:

1. What's the purpose of player? if there were story, the purpose could be found from the story. But if there weren't any, then what? become the best thief in the town? become item collector? or just survive?

Sorry for mentioning thief, you mention hack and shoplifting stuffs giving impression of becoming a thief :)

2. Why point n click? why not use traditional JRPG movement i.e use keys to move character around and action key to access anything?

3. How big is the town/city player would live in? I know it's technical but you need to tell this. It's also related to next question

4. How many towns/cities the game would have? this will affect #3 above

May 21 2017 Anchor

Hello Darkbone

There will be general "scenario" in the game which I will not reveal for obvious reasons, then on top of that there will be a core story (or a core story for each episode release), then on top of that it is likely there will be side quest missions, and on top of all that the game will have a strong emphasis on item collection and discovery achievements (and other types of achievements) that are outside of any active quests.

There will be plenty for the player to do outside of any story, but I do get your point.. and I think many open world type games suffer from that aspect that when you complete the story you turn around and look at the big environment and say to yourself "now what do i do".

Why I mention shop lifting? well for 2 reasons, the scenario for one, the player is likely to be down on his money and will need to steal food to survive, or earn money by stealing certain items to sell to other characters. And also I don't think I have ever seen a shoplifting specific mechanic in a game ever so it might be relativity unique in that respect.

Why Point and Click? , The whole reason I am presenting this idea on IndieDB is to get away from my original idea of it being a point and click, Ideally I want the game to be a JRPG style game with light RPG mechanics., as I mention a few times on my post.

How big is the city I envisage? again I clearly state this in my post, something perhaps the scale of retro-city rampage, perhaps a bit smaller, I am not sure yet.. but it will be a "sizable" city for sure.

Will there be other towns or cities:
There will only be one city, however the city will have districts like shopping/ commercial district, government district, parks, plazas, . .. etc

Please bare in mind this is a game idea, not an actual game, or official project yet, so knowing what scale the city will be would entirely depend on what help I can get for this project, which is also a big reason to why I am posting on IndieDB , to look for help to get this project rolling.

Thank you for your curiosity in to this game idea and I hope I was able to answer your questions properly.


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