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Apr 16 2013 Anchor

Hello, my name is Brandon Brown and I am a Co-Founder of Forbidden Gravity LLC., a new Indie Game company that has just barely gotten on it's feet, and is still learning how to walk. We currently have a very nice team put together, and only require one more position be filled. That is the position of a second programmer. We are looking for Intermediate to Expert C# programmers who work well with a team, and can complete tasks efficiently and on time.

We prefer that they are comfortable and familiar using the Unity engine. All details about the game itself as well as a showcasing of concept art will be further explained and given in a personal interview. We can say now however, that the game will be a 2.5D Action-Adventure RPG with a beat-em-up style focusing on the manipulation of the elements through Alchemy. It will feature a semi open world for the player to explore. As far as movement and camera angle, the camera perspective will be an angled top down view, similar to games such as Don't Starve and League of Legends with basic player movement being mapped to W, A, S, D. As I said, further details and concept art will be supplied via personal interview. Currently we can not offer payment immediately, however because of your direct efforts you will be asked to sign a Services Agreement that includes an arrangement for a share in the revenue generated by the game.

I am currently aiding in programming, but my time is spread very thin as well as my skills and experience in programming are not as satisfactory as we need them to be. We encourage any and all who are interested to contact myself, or my Co-Founder Shawn Huebner via email, or by responding to this post.

A few other requirements:

- Must be responsible and have good communication abilities
- Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently
- Must possess at least intermediate to expert C# programming abilities
- Must have a mature attitude towards others
- Must be able to follow directions

Brandon Brown:

Shawn Huebner:

Apr 16 2013 Anchor

Hi there,

I wish you good luck in your new business and hopefully you will be able to find good programmers for your project.

By the way, I suggest you also post this job on any freelance sites like Odesk, Elance or Staff(dot)com (which primary goal is to hire full time staff) so they can help you decipher which programmer is expert in C# language. To help you out, here's a few of them that you can choose from.


Apr 18 2013 Anchor

Thank you very much for your reference we will definitely look into them!

Jul 28 2013 Anchor

I hope it's not late, I sent you my application through email.

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