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Dec 11 2012 Anchor

Hi, I'm currently developing a game with Cocos2Dx. At first it will be targeted only for Android. It is a spanish card game, and I want to redesign the typical spanish cards to look cuter into a mobile app. Spanish cards have 4 suits: gold(it is a coin actually), cup, club and sword, and have 10 values: 1, 2 ... 6, 7, SOTA, KNIGHT and KING. Do not ask what is a SOTA, nobody knows. Something like a pageboy. Maybe the more representative card is the king of clubs.

To see the spanish cards, google "baraja espanola salonhogar" (I can't post links here yet).

I was thinking of using the green Android robot holding a Club and a crown as the king of clubs for example, but of course the artist will know better than me :).

I will also need a representative icon, a card table, and probably some menus too.

I'm a senior programmer, but this is going to be my first Android game. I will probably release a paid version <1$ and a free version with adds. Anyway I am not seeking for a great profit here, just small change. Just enough to pay for a server if I want to launch multiplayer for the next version. Being that said, I can't pay for this work, but I would be happy to share the app profits if they are big enough.

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