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Jul 10 2014 Anchor

Hi all,

I am not usually in the business of bringing anyone else on board however I am starting to get to a stage in my project where to build more mechanics I need a more legitimate environment instead of my test environment pictured below:

The game is called Hierarchy and is naturally on this site so feel to check it out, however I won't explain what its about - you can always check the dev vids.

What I am looking for?

  • Someone with basic - advanced modelling experience, with some examples of previous level design work
  • Preference is for someone who has built outdoor environments previously
  • Mountainous, forest landscapes
  • Someone who can communicate
  • Someone who can deliver something - be it progress or pieces of work at the end of every week
  • Large Scale, efficient and high quality

What do you get?
Currently the game is in Phase 2 of development and is steadily going forward however when it is eventually released you will be given a piece of the pie that is it's triumph. You will receive full credit, and your name on the project based on what you have done. There is no pay up front or guarantee of pay, only the prospect of experience, building something awesome and the potential to get something at the end.

If you are interested please just leave a message here with your experience, perhaps some links to some environments you have done before and if you have any questions please feel free to ask away.


Hierarchy - Upcoming RTS/Strategy/Survival/RPG

Jul 15 2014 Anchor

Hi there!
I would definetly be interested in helping you out with this project if you would allow me to do so.
Right now I am just starting to build my portfolio so I don't have much up at the moment, but I have been level designing for myself and for practice for a couple years.
I have some experience in UDK.
I have a moderate experience in Unity.
Sadly nothing in the CryEngine but I am willing to learn.
In all honesty, I am just looking for something to help me practice my skills, and get better and learn more as I go.
Here is my Skype so we can talk more.
Here is my portfolio as of now.

Jul 16 2014 Anchor

Hi Cluster,

If you are interested, please do the following and upload some screenshots or a video walkthrough of the following:
A small forest scene with some raised walkable areas (cliff) . Use whatever textures you fancy just so I can see how immersive you can make it look.



Hierarchy - Upcoming RTS/Strategy/Survival/RPG

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