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Jan 29 2013 Anchor

Welcome to Cosmo Island
direct link->

My newest song. Enjoy, and tell me what you think :)

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Jan 29 2013 Anchor

far too harsh, makes my ears bleed

Jan 29 2013 Anchor

Guiboune wrote: far too harsh, makes my ears bleed

You might wan't to get your ears checked out then. I worked on this song for hours every day for over a week, and my ears are perfectly fine. If u don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything. Better yet, suggest why it might be so harsh, and then I'd take you seriously.

JacobRollin Rollin Bros. Founder
Jan 29 2013 Anchor

Sounds really good to me. I don't know why Guiboune would make the comment he did; I hear nothing wrong with this track. For some reason I can imagine this song being featured on a gaming montage video.

Jan 30 2013 Anchor

Teksaur wrote:
I worked on this song for hours every day for over a week

^That's the problem you see; this is essentially the thing you DON'T want to do when making/mixing a song. when you hear too much of the same thing regularly for straight hours, your ears get used to it and your brain removes all the unpleasant frequencies. That is why even after spending countless hours on something without pauses, you think your song sounds nice but it doesn't to others. Professionals I met suggests to take one hour pause after one hour composing/mixing. And a complete day of pause after a full day of composing/mixing

don't listen to your song for one month and then listen to it again, you'll see what I mean.

also, by harsh I meant your colors are too bright, you might want to lower them and there should be less saturation, right now I can bet 5 bucks your mix looks like a big ass rectangle, no peaks, no lows.
your "wub wub dupstep lead" synth sounds good though

Jan 30 2013 Anchor

I was sorta in a bad mood when I replied to your comment Guiboune, but I do like your suggestions a lot :) I've only been making music for a little over a year, and I'm constantly trying to improve. Being honest, I love making melody's and beats, but when it gets down to technical levels like equalization, compressing, mastering, limiting, maximizing, ect. I'm sort of lost, or more overwhelmed. I guess it takes years of experience, and fine tuning a sound to sound good is an art itself. Anyways I appreciate the feedback, and happy you listened.

Next time i'll try to add more dynamics, making certain areas quiter and other louder for more mood. Right now I run my whole mix through a maximizer on the master channel, and try setting the Low, Mid, and High to perfect levels. But now I realize It makes the whole song sound like being hit by a brick wall, its harsh. I think I'm thinking too hard when it comes to compression and equalization because I literally run each instrument through various effects in their own channels and maybe that's why it sounds so artificial, or saturated. But that's also sort of the style of DubStep I think, and that's the way I learned mastering since I stared making music by watching youtube tuts. I'll definitely try to take more breaks and let my ears adjust cause I sometimes come out after a few hours producing with a headache which isn't good lol. And sometimes I come back and the song sounds like shit when I left it thinking it was amazing. All part of live and learn I guess.

Again thanks for the constructive criticism :D Btw I use FL, and never use presets, I take it you use Logic?

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Jan 31 2013 Anchor

From what I learned, mastering is bullshit. Mastering is basically the art of making sure every song on an album is equalized the same way. it's 99% of the time not necessary at all. what you're talking about is mixing (EQ, compressors and the like). that usually is the longest part of music making. it's usually worth to make someone else do the mixing for you; by doing it yourself, you will, most of the time, emphasize too much on parts of the song that you think are really good. getting someone else to mix will bring a second pair of ears that won't be misleaded by the creative process
mixing is all about making stuff not interfere in frequencies, lower what you don't wanna hear, emphasize what you wanna hear and most importantly, making stuff more "alive". a good mix can make a good song into a great song and an ok song into a good one

passing the master track into a saturator can be good but only if the mix seems to be too quiet. if the mix is already quite loud, don't master gain everything ;)

it's nice that you don't use presets, screwing around instruments and effects is always good. I usually don't use any presets except for reverbs in which I don't have much experience so I can't tweak them correctly haha

personally I use Ableton for my stuff, never tried logic

Feb 6 2013 Anchor

Hey did you say you used FL studio to make this? Nice work. esp with fl studio, like the retro feel

Feb 7 2013 Anchor

This reminds me a lot of the GBA. Ahh.....good times, good times. :)
Really nice track. Keep up the good work!

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