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May 8 2013 Anchor

I just purchased the full game off of Steam yesterday. The game started and ran on its own. However, once I downloaded and installed the mod as instructed here; and attempt to load the game, it never gets past the Obsidian add, the game just crashes. Help Please!

Dec 16 2013 Anchor

There's no help from these dope sucking nerds! They give you complicated installs, buggy coding and a general lack of communication between modding teams to avoid conflicts.Case in point,,,I recently started playing Kotor 2 again on PC. I went as far as googling compatible mods for the newest Restored Content Mod.Followed their confusing instructions as best I could and I still can't get everything to mesh and it's (once again) soured my entire Kotor 2 experiance!!! They will spout off at you and tell you to make your own mod to see how hard it is,,,or that they're doing these mods for free. Those excuses don't cut any wax for me!! They want you to accept their hard to install mods or learn to be a freaking coder so you can get it done right! I am so p-o'ed at these people.

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