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Aug 17 2013, 7:07pm Anchor

I started playing Amnesia mods the other day and really enjoyed them some of them are really well made.

I even did some recording of one called Only Fear, check it out if you like. :D

Episode 1:
Hope you enjoy.

Forgot to link the mod :p

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Aug 18 2013, 10:20pm Anchor

Is Amnesia easy to play?I've thought about buying it,but if it's that hard,I won't bother.I prefer to explore without getting killed.Thank you in advance.


"sweet"  little old lady

Aug 19 2013, 7:33pm Anchor

I wouldn't say it's hard and you will know when something is near so exploring is easy to do.

Hope that helped. :)

grouchbag I art grouchier than thou.
Aug 19 2013, 11:43pm Anchor

Okay.Thank you! I'll probably give it a try then.If I don't like it,then I can give it to a friend. 8)


"sweet"  little old lady

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