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Feb 25 2013, 11:27pm Anchor

Well, horrid title aside this is a very serious topic. I have an exclusive interview with a very prestigious Indie game developer and I need to think of some questions to send to him. That is just it, I don't know what exactly to ask, I don't want to ask all generic questions where he wastes his time providing pointless info, but I also don't want to ask to many specific questions where new people just hearing about him don't understand what is going on.

I hope you guys can come up with good questions, and in case you are wondering it is the developer who is making the game Under the Ocean.

Feb 26 2013, 12:58am Anchor

Fucking love that game heres some I can think of:

1. What lessons did you learn from making under the garden that helped you with under the garden?
2.How well has alpha funding your game been?
3.What made you want to make a sequel to under the garden?
4. How have you enjoyed developing with unity?


Someone wrote:Her?

Feb 26 2013, 8:12am Anchor

Sounds good, would you like me to post it here when I'm done?

theweirdn8 One of the owners of PawByte
Feb 26 2013, 8:56am Anchor

I can help you with that. I've conducted many interviews before.


Short and simple

Feb 26 2013, 4:27pm Anchor

That would be cool man, I really just need help thinking of questions.

Mar 2 2013, 8:02am Anchor

what were the most troublesom things he encountered while making the game
How much (if at all) he thinks things like humble bundle and indie royal help publicise and popularize indie games
how he thinks he'd fare in a real life shipwreck situation

Hope I'm not too late with this D:

Mar 2 2013, 9:30am Anchor

I would love for you to pm the link to the interview when its done.


Someone wrote:Her?

Mar 2 2013, 1:31pm Anchor

Well, not self advertising, but I'm playing his games from first to last on my channel. At the end I will post the interview.

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