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Jun 9 2013 Anchor

Hello everybody!!

My name is Malcolm Clay and I'd like to tell you all about this little side project my friend and I have been working on part time for about a year now. It's called Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler's Perplexing Ploy! It's an action/puzzle game in the same vein as Puyopuyo/Puzzle Fighter/Puzzle Kombat but with a superhero theme and super moves!
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
We're based out of Montreal, Canada and have recently shown the game off at an IGDA organized Demo Night!
The game is still very much a WIP but we're hard at work updating the art and adding characters! Here's a gameplay video of what we have so far
For more info, please see if you're shy, or ask me here directly if you're not!
Thank you for your time and feedback :)

Just thought I'd share some of Gnat-Man's anims as well as a "making of" video of his sprite work :)User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image
And the animation video:

I thought I'd post some of the steps Stephane Boutin went through making our background stages. You might recognize Stephane's art from such games as Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Mercenary Kings.We had asked Stephane for a street-level stage to flesh out the city of Megalopolis. Choosing the Bank as the setting was his idea.User Posted Image
This was the first concept of the stage and, needless to say, we were sold on it right away.User Posted Image
The scene takes better shape as the cops and robbers are added. A furious bank manager looks on.User Posted Image
The grayed-out stage is complete! But we proposed a different perspective to make the stage feel more dynamic.User Posted Image
Voila, all of the elements are in place, all that was missing is the colors, a few details, and to make it come to life...User Posted Image
And Stephane delivers in his trademark way! The stage is complete and ready to be integrated... all but the street name. Now why would we go and leave that blank? ;)

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