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Happy Haul - Make gore tornados with an offroad truck and a flatbed full of kids (Forums : Ideas & Concepts : Happy Haul - Make gore tornados with an offroad truck and a flatbed full of kids) Locked
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Feb 16 2017 Anchor

So I submitted this game to Greenlight on Steam to see what the initial reaction was. It was negative and I quickly dropped below a 30% ratio which is the lowest I've heard gotten greenlit.
So, I took it down and now I am looking to understand what it is people where so negative about. Please let me know your brutal honest opinion on the aesthetics, mechanics and theme of the game and trailer. I also specifically would like to know how you feel about the music choice?

Mar 8 2017 Anchor

Well, as a Non-American I try to stay out of the whole Mexican Illegal immigration issue, as its so controversial and I can see the merit to both sides arguments. Even though you don't specifically say their Mexican, that's whats going to jump to mind, especially since Trump has been talking about that wall of his, i'm sure the entire Western hemisphere knows about it, not to mention the states has already tried to ban media that would undermine Trump's wall. As seen in a rejected multi-part Superbowl ad

Even if these are Syrian children trying to enter Europe its still controversial and in the end people are going to jump to the issue that they can most relate with. No matter where it takes place, its going to be looked down upon not to mention isn't there some rule/law against showing the deaths of children in video games?

The font you choose to promote your video is terrible, both the colour and the font, make your own font in the same style as your title.

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