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CaptainShack XpGamers YouTube Channel Manager
Aug 19 2013 Anchor

Hello Mod Authors and Mod Teams!

My Name is Robert Shackleton, a.k.a CaptainShack. I'm a military Vet that started a channel on YouTube quite awhile ago dedicated to help support and spotlight some of the amazing talent coming out of the modding community. That channel is TheXpGamers. I also am a senior director with one of the largest networks on YouTube "TGN" The Gamer Nation. I have a series on my channel called Mod Library where I spotlight 1 mod every Wednesday "with a veriety of other modding related videos throughout the week. This Episode is also aired on TGN Central. A 250,000 Subscriber channel.

If you have a mod that needs more publicity, or you just want to grow your audience please shoot me a message. The point of my channel is to help the modding community and to help build a community around modding. If you have an up coming trailer for your mod and need a place to host it, I would be happy to pending the quality is good and you either own, have permission to use, or used copyright free music. "Or music from the game is fine as well".If your not sure just send me a message.

Please send this information with your message.

Mod Name:
Is the mod Released? Is it getting a Big Update? Is it Up and Coming? Trailer?
Game: What Game is it for? Version? Needed Expansions? Ect.
ModDB Page? Website URL? :
Mods .PNG Logo, Best Screen Shot or Title Picture URL:
Any more Info I should be aware of?

Best of luck on all your Projects!!!

Examples of Mod Library Episodes here on ModDB.

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