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Jun 13 2014 Anchor

Hi all,

Im looking for feedback about a suitable game engine that could be used for a survival / crafting type game. I really like the look that eclipse origin gives, so that's my starting point. Old school games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy have a look that is appealing to me. Obviously a different class of game but I like the way that you can still move around a map and an ascetic that i might like to go with. Another game style I like is Echelon book 1. That has more of an 3D isometric look which might be a better route to go. Can anyone offer advice? My scripting and programming knowledge is a 2/10. I'm a technical person by way of the IT field, but managing servers is my day job, not programming. Looking to maybe change that.


Jun 13 2014 Anchor

This is a great list with a huge variety of Game Engines and other Game Development Related Software. Maybe you can find there what you are looking for:

Jun 13 2014 Anchor

Your choice will highly depend on which programming/scripting language you want to use/learn, and how much money you want to spend (from 0 to... a lot). You also need to take into account which platform you want to develop for (Desktop PC and/or MAC, console, mobile, Web...).

If you have little knowledge in programming and would rather spend time working on the content, you might want to consider tools like GameMaker Studio. I have never used any of them myself, but I see more and more games created with such tools. I guess you loose a bit on the freedom side, but if you're a single developer with little programming knowledge, it might help tremendously for a first game. You will be surprised at how much work there is beside coding in the process of making a game!

Good luck to you!

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