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VanOysterson Source Mapper
Feb 1 2013 Anchor

I had this idea for a game, probably set in a nuclear fallout, zombie apocalypse or something similar, where weapons are very rare, so you have to make your own out of scavenged parts. Not like Dead Island or Dead Rising where you have to stick to the predefined crafting recipes, something with full freedom. For a really simple example, you could find a knife and a broom handle, and tape the knife to the end of the broom handle to make a spear. Or you could fill a old soup can with gunpowder and attach a fuse to make a pipe bomb, after extracting the gunpowder from spare bullets you had lying around in your safehouse. It would most likely have a drag and drop interface on work benches, you find occasionally. There would be predefined settings, like throw or hit that would tell the in-game character how to use it. I searched everywhere for a game like this, but I could find nothing similar. Does anyone know of a game like this. Also if there is anyone who wants to use this idea, feel free.

Edit: Also, how well do you think this would work on today's game engines.

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Feb 21 2013 Anchor

Define what you mean by 'full freedom' because freedom within games in an of itself is a very loose term.

There are always going to be restrictions within your game, and generally speaking as a designer, you kind of want those restrictions. They help you anticipate the state of the player at any given point throughout the experience and then design scenarios accordingly. In addition, systems that have exhaustive amounts of freedom, or rather choice, can actually end up causing any potential dynamic nature of the mechanics to be somewhat muted so as to keep the multitude of choices balanced.

Having said that, you could design it in a way so that the system is more reliant on incomparables ergo League of Legends, however that's still a very difficult system to design.

VanOysterson Source Mapper
Feb 23 2013 Anchor

I know it does sound ambitious, but the speed at which video game technology is progressing, I don't think that something like that (even too a lesser degree) is out of our reach. Kerbal Space Program has something vaguely along those lines, except you build spacecraft instead of weapons.

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