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Aug 11 2013 Anchor


I have an audio file, which I can´t use for my other projects. Instead I am providing it for free. It is a horror themed song and I hope people can use it.

The only thing I want in return:
- Provide the gamelink for the game
- You can credit me or not that is up to you. But I would appreciate it, if you do credit me :). If you do credit me. please use the name "Necrostatic". My profile name shouldn´t be credited :).

Being Creepy:


Hollow Approaching:


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Aug 12 2013 Anchor

Reminds me of the music written for American McGee's Alice.

That's a big compliment by the way, loved the music for that game =)

Aug 13 2013 Anchor

Well, thank you :). I never played the game, so thanks for the hint ;).

Well, here is another horror theme for free. Just bumping to notify that I have another track.

Check the first post. Its called "Hollow Approaching".

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