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Jul 23 2013 Anchor

Hi! My name's Scythuz and I'm offering you my musical services, for a fee! Need to know
more? Send me a pm and I will do my best to accommodate you!


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Jul 24 2013 Anchor

I think I speak for everybody if I tell you that it'll be nice if you'd fix your links. ;)


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Jul 24 2013 Anchor

Whoops! Thanks, I've edited the links. They should work now, sorry about that!

Jul 24 2013 Anchor

just giving my 2 cents here : you should tell which projects you've worked on

Jul 24 2013 Anchor

Thanks for pointing that out putting it here because of the character limit.

Games that I will be able to show video footage of soon: Kisa - a grim adventure fairy tail game with stealth mechanics (linked to above in Kisa playlist, should have a video ready soon), Dark Master - a work in progress diablo 2 style rpg (waiting for a video to be made).

I've also contributed tracks to or am currently working on: Pixel Princess an rpg maker game being made by a staff member of the site (a few demos are out: but nothing updated with my music in it just yet, this is the only track I can show right now:, Meridian Shard (contributed 1 track to it: and the games website is here:, Project Titan a viking themed action game with light elements rpg (this is a udk project, it's too early for any meaningful game play to be shown but I can show this track:

I am also contributing to or have been hired for the following unnamed projects: a game maker free-running ios game, a game-maker action-adventure game that will accompany a web comic and also; various unnamed or too early to show the game of rpg maker games; some of which are here:

I am sorry about the wall of texts and links but unfortunately I don't have any finished projects to show off just yet. I will be getting video footage (that include my music) of as many games as I can get permission for in the mean time. Hopefully this helps!

Also here is my current price list, though it's work in progress and i'm considering changing to a by the minute scheme for the high quality tracks.

Standard Quality: $30 starting point, the tracks you can hear in my kisa, week of music and the first half of the mountain of music promo (specifically anything that hasn't got a funny name). I will use my Kontakt Samples for these and tracks can be up to 4 minutes long. Tracks can be fully mastered for an extra $10. Advisable as a standard option for non-commercial games of a high quality or commercial games of a medium quality. Low Quality: between $5 and $15. These tracks would be of up to 2 minutes length and would use lower quality plugins like Xpand! 2 and Kontakt samples with less attention to detail. Recommended for demos or "starting out" games used to create a portfolio. This option is mainly for if you want your tracks quickly. High Quality(New): $70 a track, up to 6 minutes length. This option is pretty much for commercial games only unless you're really in need of a good portfolio piece. I'd be using my highest quality plugins, in particular the Vienna Symphonic Library. All tracks would be created with a huge attention to detail and every technique I know applied to them. Mastering is included. This option is for when you're really going for it with your game and tracks can take a fair bit of time to finish. Please only pick this option if you're fully intending to finish your project.

Jul 24 2013 Anchor

okay hmm.. how can I put this.. it's not very appealing when you say "low quality music with low quality plugins".
also don't put time limit on your prices, it's really weird. what if someone wants a 2 minutes track with your best plugins ?

btw, I don't think you know what mastering means. you can't "masterize" a single song, it's not possible :P

Jul 25 2013 Anchor

Yeah I have to admit I need to rework the quality price categories, i'm probably going to change charging to per minute so expect to see this redone soon, i'm aware I need to advertise and explain myself better and I'm doing my best to improve this :)

Might I ask what you think mastering means? The mastering I've been taught is the process (that takes place after achieving a balanced mix) of making a track sound polished or "commercial ready". Generally though it often involves: adding a small amount of reverb to 'glue' the track together, using harmonic excitation to recreate a warmer analogue imitative sound, light compression to add punch to the track, stereo widening, additive eqing and increasing the perceived volume of a track using a limiter/maximiser. It's pretty complicated stuff which is why it's a separate service, this definition of mastering does apply to single tracks though.

That being said, sometimes I've heard it referred to as getting all the tracks in an album to the same average volume a few times. Though really I feel that there really should be a separate term for each as it creates confusion like we have here.

Sorry again about the wall of text, I'm much better at the music side of this than the business side :)

If you would like to discuss this further please send me a pm rather than posting here, I don't want to over clutter this thread.

Here is a link to an early demo of Kisa that's on this site for anyone interested:
I'm told a new one is coming soon.

Bumping this thread for visibility, I've made my original post much shorter and clearer, I've only included one link there which contains a wide range of the types of music I can create. Prices are now completely negotiable though there is a starting fee of $10 per minute of music. ($5 for 30 seconds or less)

Updated the thread with a link to my portfolio, it's a nice short summary of the types of music I can do for anyone interested.

Thought I'd share a link to some of my freely available music:

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