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Jul 19 2013 Anchor

Hey guys, im just going to jump right in.
So im studying 3D Design & Animation, thus having the interest in game development.
Im now in my final year, with one project left, the last chance to make something really awesome.
Ive been apart of the Indie DB community for some time now, 6years and 3 different profiles (from when I was 16 years old) if im correct.

So I know this inst the forum or even website to post this, but its the only place I know where I can get motivated & talented people to help me out and give them the credit in return, because if your gonna work for free credit better be given.

I know what your thinking, its the promise every "project leader" makes, BUT get this...

For my previous semester I got 100% for all of my projects, granted the standard for 3D is pretty damn low in South Africa, but still that shows that im able to complete my College work.
And hands in reasonably OK work.

!!! I NEED HELP WITH MY FINAL ANIMATION PROJECT !!! <------------------------------- IF YOU DONT CARE SKIP TO HERE what I was getting at and I need help from you guys.

This is my project that has to be handed in and marked, its serious to me, so please apply if your willing to do the work and push through with me.

Concept Artist - Knows how to draw front, side, back concepts CORRECTLY*.
Creative and out of this world thinking,
I will be providing a clear explanation and reference images.
Preferably someone who studies Concepting or just finished.

Sound Artist - Able to create acceptable quality sounds eg. Ambient, Effects, Editing voice.
Able to work fast to meet the overall deadlines, I know this is asking alot.
I will be providing a clear explanation of what I need.
Preferably someone who studies Sound or just finished.

This is a long shot but, someone who can advise me on the flow of the story, camera angles... Someone with directing skills I guess.

Please have proof of your work ready to show me.
If accepted you will also be give the story documents.

Please send me a PM or Skype me on christo533

Thanks guys

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