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Elemental World:The Sacrifice the spiritual successor to Interplays game Sacrifice (Forums : Ideas & Concepts : Elemental World:The Sacrifice the spiritual successor to Interplays game Sacrifice) Locked
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Jun 20 2013, 6:40am Anchor

Hi i was just letting everyone know i have just finished a prototype for a rts that is based of interplays game Sacrifice and was just wondering if people would be interested in this becoming a full game etc with the aim to take the old game upgrade graphics,add few features such as unit possession etc and create the spiritual sequel keeping the feel of the old game with a modern upgrade.
This video shows the prototype so far what was made in a week with old scripts

The indiedb link to the game so far is

Steam greenlight concept

If enough interest in the prototype then a full game will be made but currently only quick buggy prototype as no staff to work on a full release

Jun 20 2013, 9:01am Anchor

Looks impressive, what was used to make it?

Jun 20 2013, 11:04am Anchor

Unity,with NGUI for the UI the art assets are all stand in currently until can get funding for better icons models etc

Jun 20 2013, 11:27am Anchor

Get on kickstarter and look for funds if you need money to hire artists and make a full game. Or put under recruiting section on here if you are looking to form a team. Seems like you've done a lot on your own though! : )

Jun 20 2013, 11:39am Anchor

To get this made it need raise 20-50k min for a basic alpha and unsure if people would back it that why i have this prototype as i knew alot people asking for sequal but they might not be interested in spiritual one only lol

Jun 20 2013, 11:41am Anchor

How does the 20-50k break down, seems like a lot. Maybe you could get more interest if it was just a unique game instead of based on an existing one? I am not aware of how big the fanbase is for Sacrifice though.

Jun 20 2013, 11:47am Anchor

£5k would be for getting software such as the pro version which gives performance boosts etc as well as software like photoshop etc
then it would be like £10k for a modeler and same for a coder ideally an office environment so get guaranteed work from them but full time coder for few months like 8-10k,same for modeler

Also i am trying to add my own twist to the game such as terrain modifying etc but im also looking at what players was like

Im not sure on the size but a lot of old school gamers who played it seem to want a sequel so that like 100k people etc i think

Jun 20 2013, 11:49am Anchor

Cool, sounds good! I would help but I'm a UDK guy : )

Jun 20 2013, 11:56am Anchor

lol it fine you could help out by helping spread the word so when a kickstarter is started later it not dead straight away lol

Jun 20 2013, 11:59am Anchor

The community can come from when the kickstarter funding begins. Maybe create a Facebook page for the game rather than wiseowl studios and fans of Sacrifice may stumble upon it randomly too.

Jun 20 2013, 12:03pm Anchor

Ok thanks for the advice
link to the new fb page

Jun 20 2013, 12:18pm Anchor

Cool. I was wondering about this video, which of the content is actually taken from the original game (if any). Have you made all of the models, UI, gameplay yourself?

Jun 20 2013, 12:31pm Anchor

None of the models etc are from original the UI and minimap was part of the kit when i brought it the scripts are mostly the RPG scripts i brought for my other game and the rts stuff was part of another kit

they dont quite work as planned though which is why id need hirer coders to fix bugs and improve it same for models there stand ins from old packs etc

Jun 22 2013, 6:20am Anchor

I've had some plans to create a "Sacrfice" game, but I'm concentrating on another project at the moment. So I would very much indeed like a "remake" of it. I would very much like to help, or fund it.

Jun 22 2013, 7:45am Anchor

Thanks for the input what skills do you have to help? and funding would be good (going to start kickstarter when get enough basic interest and images etc) as i want to make it as good as the original with cut scenes VO etc

Jun 23 2013, 5:33am Anchor

Well, I'm developing my skills in 3D, I don't have anything to show immediatley here on the internet though, but I think it'd be sufficient for a Sacrifice game. I've also played an extensive amount of Sacrifice so I know my way around the game. Then I'm also constantly bubbling with ideas.

Jun 23 2013, 9:11am Anchor

cool for now the project is paused just while i see if there the interest and bug fix the graphics (make sure map ui above general one etc) but ill probally need help bit later to get the feel right

Im having a little trouble on what rewars people would want i can only think of skins,models,early access (eg be part the alpha,beta etc) with copys of the game.
Could anyone give pointers and i have the min as £15k as after 10% from fees it leaves me with about 10k which could atleast buy somemodels and scripts for buggy basics then any sales would help etc
If we want celeb voices etc like the old game it will probally be few k easy per celeb

Jun 24 2013, 1:53pm Anchor

I think you should concentrate on making a somewhat "playable" version before getting on kickstarter.

A lot of people aren't prepared to dish out money on a project that has almost no ground to stand on, and sheer interest is not enough ground. Personally, I love the idea of a new Sacrifice game being made, but I'm not going to give money unless I see with my own eyes that some progress on the game itself has been done.

For my own project, I'm sure a lot of people would be interested, and I plan on using kickstarter, but I'm going to make something worth showing before trying to get the money.

So, don't worry about what you will put with the different rewards on kickstarter, and worry about the game instead. As the time comes, you'll figure out what you will put in the reward slots.

Also, I wouldn't advice to "celeb" voices. Spend your manhours and resources on the game instead of hunting celebrities for voices. As fun and awesome as the idea is, the resources are better spent in the gameplay department.

Jun 24 2013, 3:51pm Anchor

I plan on getting a basic version going and the vo is a much later thing

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