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May 30 2013 Anchor

Hi Guys,

Sorry if this has been posted before but I can't find anything linked to this issue I am having?
I am not a computer smart person so excuse me if its a simple answer.

Within my grand campaign DME I had the settings of a 3 turn year, 1/4 slower tech playing as Britian and multiple times I have found that playing through after a few turns some time as quick as five or a few dozen the end turn button is not highlighted and I can not end the turn? (I have no moving units)
I have tried returning to previous saves which sometimes helps but this will only delay this issue? I have also deleted the mod and reinstalled it as I was in the belief that it may be a fault in the download but this didn't help.

As a result I turned back to vanilla ETW to find it would not open from steam at all, instantly telling me that the app was already running giving me a list of tasks to do to solve the issue which I have followed with no progress to getting my game to work, I have deleted the local content and cleared all saved files linked to DME and ETW then reinstalled it with no progress.
I have NTW and this loads fine and plays great without any of these issues.

I am now unable to play either DME or ETW at all. Any help would be gratefully received!!

I greatly enjoyed DME and I will download it again if I can sort these issues out as its a brilliant mod making the game 100x better for me any way.

Regards Daniel

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