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Mar 10 2013 Anchor

Running the most current version of Mountain Lion. It seems that there is a Mac Client from what I can tell. When I click to download the client, the left square states that the client is already installed. If I click on it, nothing happens, or a 2nd window opens "About:Blank". I've run a few disk searches and cannot find anything related to the desura client.

Is there another place I can download the client? Or am I completely an idiot that thinks there is a Mac client ....

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Mar 11 2013 Anchor

There is no Mac client right now, we just offer standalone Mac downloads for our Mac supported titles.


Mar 16 2013 Anchor

so, when will we be able to download Desura for mac?

Mar 19 2013 Anchor

as soon as possible. currently the project is lacking mac developers. If you know anybody who wants to help, please inform me.

Apr 1 2013 Anchor

............ i created a tutorial on HOW TO INSTALL DESURA ON MAC OS.
if you follow my Instructions step by step, it will work.

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Apr 1 2013 Anchor

maybe someone is interested in debugging this.

I've created a branch with simple Mac OS X support:

if you have some experience with cmake, there should be no problem with compiling it on Mac OS X 10.7+ (Xcode generator is working, but running out of Xcode is problematic, please use makefile instead, because the make install step will create an app bundle).

Everything after the login isn't working (the app simply crashes and it has to be build without CEF support, -DBUILD_CEF=OFF is the flag for cmake). Also there aren't some Mac OS X specific methods implemented (ObjC++ knowledge required).

If somebody is interested, he should just write me.

Sep 24 2013 Anchor

Henley wrote: There is no Mac client right now, we just offer standalone Mac downloads for our Mac supported titles.

If that is so, why put "Desura is installed! Let's play!" on the button instead of the correct information, confuse people and send them digging through piles of forums?

Sep 27 2013 Anchor

that's a bug of the desura site, which should be reported. I will do this in a second

INtense! End Boss
Sep 30 2013 Anchor

We only added Mac game support a few months ago and never changed the website to notify people they have to download / install those games direct.

that change is coming as part of our redesign which is scheduled to be deployed in a few months


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

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