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Feb 18 2013 Anchor

Hey there, fellow gamers and developers.
I have a fairly simple question for you on the topic mentioned above in the title.

When you're playing a game, specifically multiplayer, what do you like to see more when handling classes and/or loadouts?

Do you:
A. like it like TF2, where there's multiple classes with specific personalities and such, and you customize their load outs based on the class and person
B. like it where you get a blank character, and customize it with many items, but the character is literally a blank canvas for you to customize
C. Something else?

I appreciate the feedback on this topic. Thanks in advance!

Feb 20 2013 Anchor

Hmmm It's a tricky question.

On the one hand probably one of my favorite aesthetics of play is that of Expression; I love putting a piece of myself into the experience whether that be my personality/style/behavior etc.

On the other hand, I find some games that rely too heavily on player expression and choice miss out on the benefits of having a rigid aesthetic structure, with perhaps some avenues for the player to influence.

I suppose in the end, in my opinion, it all depends on the context of the experience that the designer is trying to focus on. Games such as Call of Duty are all about empowerment; about the western ideal of the gun. In this respect, giving the player as much freedom as possible over the tools they wish to utilize in order to protect their sense of self, makes complete sense within the aforementioned context of the experience.

TF2's context on the other hand has established characters, even before the player picks up the controller. It's almost like watching some wacky Sunday morning cartoon show; seeing all these crazy caricatures play out exaggerated personifications of their respective professions. In this regard, it makes more sense to have the player take a more back seat role when it comes to player expression through customization, because why take the role of yourself when you can take the role of one of these rich characters. It's all about throwing away most, if not all, traces of self expression and simply taking on a ridiculously fantastical role. The aesthetic of Fantasy.

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