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Mar 15 2013 Anchor

With sorrow and disbelief we have all seen a wonderful project, one that could praise a wonderful character, Krystal Fox, to her alternate ego, named Kursed, die during the coming of 2013.

We have been all waiting for that game being eager and really excited. But that moment of it coming out to it's completion never came. Okay, let us not blame the artists who have been working on this. They were never obligated to do this. Instead, this was a gift to the Star Fox community they wanted to offer. But expectations do no always come true by following them closely, specially when there is not true belief that the whole concept is going to be successful or completed, due to many, different maybe reasons.

However, this project did not die. It's legacy and spirit have lived on, inspiring other artists sharing the same love. I Bigjim3D, am also one of them. Dedicated to the star Fox community, I and my team are going to release a Star Fox game. One of a similar kind, sharing the same idea. Krystal is a great character, and really has many to give. So let us make all those good, and bad stories she could could take part into reality. Let us make "Chronicles of Krystal" reality!

So, we need support. From other artists or fans. We offer jobs for this project too. We aim not our project to end up like Project Kursed but we do aim to praise it instead. We aim to be creating something nice and complete. Something we do believe it is going to be kindly nice, and is going to fill all the gaps that Nintendo leaves in its original art. But there are also needs.

We are here for real! Spread the word everywhere! LET US MAKE EPIC STAR FOX REALITY!

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