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Jun 29 2013 Anchor

Hey guys, just made an account on this forum, nice to meet you. I cannot seem to get this mod to work

Whenever I have tried to install it it would not show up in the steam game list, I finally figured that part out, I had to go into the game info and switch the steam ID thing from 420 to 220.

After that I was enjoying the game for a little bit, when I noticed the mod was not like in some of the videos I have watched, it had less things in it, then everything came to a halt, after the part where your about to get to the interrogation room (This mod takes place in the first half of the game) I was blocked by a big floating orange box that said "TRIGGER". Might I also mention at the start menu it shows a few guards dancing (cause its a comedy mod) where there are suppose to be lights on the floor, but instead of lights it shows a texture graphics error and says "ERROR" in red words. Any one know how I can get this working all the way?


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