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Aug 6 2013 Anchor

Hi. I am wondering why the How-To page is blank.
Seems to have been this way for awhile now. How am I supposed to know how to write successful news articles without a how-to page describing how indiedb wants them? I tried looking at other accepted news articles but they seem all over the place.

I got this message in reply to posting a news article.

Someone wrote: Thanks for sharing, please note that archived news will not be shown on the Indie DB homepage. There are many reasons why news is archived, the main ones being poor formatting, grammar, not relevant, spam, lacking images, videos, download links etc. If the news is important and you would like it to make the Indie DB homepage, follow our how to guide (, fix your news formatting, add images and make the news as polished as possible - then reply to this email and we will re-access it.

But that does not really tell me why it was actually denied and leaves me wondering what on earth I can do to improve it?

Could we maybe get some kinda feedback instead of a default boiler plate? Even just one word would be more useful then that boilerplate.

So I wondered how long its been like that..
Apparently only 3 lines have been added since 2010.

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Aug 6 2013 Anchor

I agree with what BlackMoons has said it really does not some clarity.

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