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Nov 21 2012 Anchor

I've been wanting to play amnesia custom stories for a while now, ( After watching loads of Pewdiepie's vids. *Brofist*) and finally decided to download everything today. I added two custom stories to my game list, but when I clicked them to download it said that I either needed to buy Amnesia: The Dark Descent for 19.99 or find it on my comp. However, I don't have the actual Amnesia game, so I just downloaded the demo instead.. And the custom stories finished downloading with no problem.

Right now, i'm unsure of what just happened. Will the custom stories play fine with just a demo version of the actual game? o_O I mean, the customs have to have the real game in order to work, i know, but it's the demo! Will it, for example, cut off midway while i'm playing the custom or something like that?
Please explain how this all works ( with easy words, if you don't mind. I'm too slow to understand all those crazy game abbreviations.. LOL. Keep in mind im new to Amnesia! )

Thanks! (:

Dec 29 2012 Anchor

Well... It may kinda-sorta work, but your most likely going to get a "fatal error" error thingy. Because you don't have the full version the Justine patch is not available to you, some of the coding in A LOT of custom stories is exclusive to Justine. So if you download 10 custom stories good chance one or less will work. Try searching "Amnesia custom stories no Justine" BTW its only 10 bucks for a limited time, so open up your wallet and unless your truly broke you can spend 10 bucks. People drop ten bucks like its a little piece of paper that says "drop me" on it. So you have two options.

1. Only play certain custom stories (not fun)

2. Dont be cheap.

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