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Feb 1 2013 Anchor

Hey guys First off, i'm not really much of a talker... but i mainly love
to read your views and ideas while always too nervous to really post
any of my own .. hope to change that in the coming weeks as i believe
have found a truly excellent community

But anyway the other
reason i'm posting is to also raise awareness for a Games Company a few
friends of mine have put together "Blimbu Games" they are only starting
out in the gaming industry and are still in education studying games
development but they are deeply passionate about what they do

few days ago we took part in the "Global Game Jam" in which the groups
create a game in 48 hours we ended up with a prototype which we have
named "Between Heartbeats" .. we were quite proud of our first attempt
and have made a kick starter to hopefully get it finished and released
as our first official game

This is not a plea for donations or
anything like that .. if you decide to back then great ^^ .. We would
just like to raise awareness as we are fairly unknown

So come check it out and see what you think ^^

Again bear in mind what we have so far is just a prototype we have after 48 hours

Thanks Guys

We have updated our kick starter now we now have a new trailer and a more detailed description on what we plan to add to our game

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