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Jun 7 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone

I’m a Music Composer, Sound Designer and lover of Indie games working in the UK. I’ve got 8 years of experience in Composition, Recording and Production, and I'm working with game developers on projects for Sony and Microsoft.

A few questions you might have...

Why would I choose you over other composers?

I’m a passionate Music Composer with years of experience with game developers. Unlike many composers, I charge one fee for the music/sound design that you want, and if you're not happy with it, I'll make any changes you need, or work on something completely new at no extra cost.

I'm also a student at Leeds College of Music, so I have access to top-flight studios and classically-trained musicians. This also means that I don't have to hire out expensive studios and musicians like many composers do, which can cost a lot more than expected!

How much experience do you have working with game developers?

I have worked with many game developers on projects ranging from games/apps for Android and iOS to higher budget indie projects, but I make the most of any platform I work with, so small speakers on mobile platforms sound as good as possible, as well as fully fledged PC systems.

How much do your services cost?

This will depend entirely on what you're looking for, but I can definitely achieve a lot more than you'd expect. Whether you want to tell me what you need, or what you can afford, I have the skills and experience to get the most out of your audio budget.

Can I listen to something?

I have a wide selection of demo material on my website. If you want to know what I could do for your game or film, add me on skype or send me an e-mail with a few details about your project and I'll compose a free sample for you. I'll aim to get back to you on the same day!

Thanks for your interest,

Ben Rawles
Music Composer
Skype: benrawlesmusic

Jun 7 2013 Anchor

Hey Ben,

I'm a fellow composer, I do sound design as well. I read over your post and noticed you're going to Leeds College of Music. I don't really know how big of a school that is but I thought it was cool because I'm in class with a guy who went there. Anyway, I checked out your site and you've got some really cool material!

Best wishes,


Jun 12 2013 Anchor

Hey Chase,

Thanks for your message, and your kind words. It's funny you say that, because Leeds College of Music is very small, only about 50 people per course! Are you studying now? Your music is really good too by the way, and what's the lead instrument in 'The Contract Mission 1'? Don't think I've ever heard it before.

All the best,



I'm working on some exciting table-top RPG fantasy soundtracks for Check out the website!


Composing music for an Android/iOS puzzle game, more info coming soon!


I've been working on the music and sound design for a huge RTS game project, I'll have some demos of the music up in the next few weeks!


Working on some music for the My Pet Boris app, and my first game for OUYA!


Thinking of starting a new music demo - what do you want to hear? Please leave your suggestions :)


Tightest deadline so far - 25 minutes of music for film in 6 days!


Working on my second kickstarter trailer over the next few weeks! Excited to get started!


I'm working on a new demo for the website, with Orange Tree Samples 'Angelic Zither'


Here's the 'My Pet Boris' app that I've been composing for this week.


Check out my latest video projects on my website HERE!


Working on some sword fighting sound design...


I've got a really nice new audio interface (top-end recording/production quality), and I'm working on loads of sound design. Loving it :)


I'll have a new demo on the website in the next few days, just as soon as I've recorded some bass guitar and bansuri flute!


The demo is almost finished, and I'm working on a mod for Planetary Annihilation!


I'm officially the 'in-house' composer for Lunargist Games! More info coming soon :)


For anyone looking for music or sound design on Android or iOS - File types, compatibility and quality can be a nightmare, but I'm always happy to send you the music/sounds that I create, in any format you need, at the best possible quality for your file size limits. Even if you re-release your game on a different platform, let me know and I'll sort it out for you! :)

The same applies if you've worked with someone else - send me a message, and I'll help you out ;)


Got some great software upgrades on the way, just in time for Christmas projects! I'm feeling generous, so send me a message if you want a free demo! :)


Hope you're having a great holiday, and are looking forward to the new year! All the best :)


Excited to start working on some great games in 2014! Send me a message :)


Getting started on some music for an upcoming Kickstarter release! Really excited for this one.


I'm going to the Steinway Hall in London next month to show some new stuff I've been working on! *scrolls through Heisenberg bowler hats*

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