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Oct 24 2012 Anchor

Hey, i was just wondering if anybody that creates the Amnesia Custom Maps/Stories would be willing to make one based around the Doctor Who tv series!!! I think this would be a great idea for a CS and have had a few ideas as to items, creatures etc...

Main Aim = Maybe you have to find the Tardis key and escape in the Tardis from a horrible place
Notes/Clues = Perhaps from Amy/Rory (Similar voices would be sick!!)
Lantern = Sonic Screwdriver

Grunts = Daleks
Other Foes = Cybermen, Sontarans
Special Foe = Weeping Angel (Would be perfect for JumpScares!!)

This is just an idea afterall but if somebody did actually make this it would be incredible!!! i'm also interested as to whether you think this would work as a CS :)

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