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Jan 3 2014 Anchor

Hey everyone, I just had a quick question. Feel free to answer it from personal experience or just what you think is best. Here it is:

What do you do with a game once you finish it? Where does it go?

Jan 7 2014 Anchor

Well, if your game has a profile on ModDB/IndieDB, you can publish it and offer it for download. You could introduce a testing period for people to review on your game and for you to know how good they think it is, how people like it, and what improvements to work on. Another option is to create an own homepage and offer the game for download there. If you want to sell your game, you can use Desura and link the Desura page on your games ModDB/IndieDB profile. Maybe you could find a Let's Player who could make gameplay videos on it, you could write tutorials and introductions for it. All depends on what kind of game you made and what you want to achieve :)

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