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Jan 5 2013 Anchor

hello everyone i have an idea for a game/mod i really want.

ive just watched the spartacus series again, and i started looking, there is no real gladiator game, where its about the arena. rising up the ranks as a small nothing to a famous gadiator, but also outside the arena, the life as a gladiator.

small idea for a concept.
you are a prisoner at the romans. you are being bought by a gladiator house, and to be trained as a gladiator. you start at the very buttom and work your way up. a story with depth, not just about the arena, but the whole life as a gladiator.

i am currently trying to get started on it myself, ive done mods for the cryengine before, so as a start, thats what i know. i would hope for someone interested in working on a mod/game like this, or if anyone is already making it. plz pm me if you are interested or know of a mod/game similair :D

Jun 12 2013 Anchor

This is an awesome idea, to bad their isn't any games for pc that has this kind of story/gameplay.

Jun 14 2013 Anchor

check out this

Jul 19 2013 Anchor

Here is a game my team are working on, also inspired by the series Spartacus

Mythrill thanks for the link that game looks good, get my track on it.

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