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Feb 12 2014 Anchor

I've had this thought on my head for years and I might go through with it but I want to know what you guys think of first. I've played some Sonic fan games for a while and it hit me: if people put so much time and energy into making Sonic fan games, why not make an original game in the same style? This gave me the idea of doing one. However, I think I know why people won't do it and that is backlash. Though my intention would not be to plagiarize, but more to make an homage to the classic Sonic games, others may not take so kindly as they will think it will be a rip-off.

I just want to make sure what people will think of this. I want to make a game in the style of classic Sonic games but try to make it an original creation of my own. It will look like a Sonic game but it was play differently. The main goal of building and distributing this game would be to try and recapture the original game's style from the 90's before the 3D games but still have a fresh new experience. What do you guys think?

Feb 13 2014 Anchor

Did anyone understand more than 'sonic game?'I did not. I won't elaborate, can't do it without being an asshole.

Feb 13 2014 Anchor

Well, what else is there to elaborate on? Classic Sonic. You know? The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game from the 90's. Speed. Platforming. I want to make a game just like it.

Feb 13 2014 Anchor

You could call it "Tonic", and have a lovable flying companion called "Gin". Or do you think that would be a little too... SLOE?


Slightly more seriously: I think, if anything, you should aim for a game that plays like Sonic, but looks very different (rather than, as you've suggested, producing something that looks like Sonic but plays differently).

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