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Jun 7 2013 Anchor

Hello. This is David Schroeder. In 1983, I wrote the computer game DINO EGGS (for Apple II, C64, IBM).

In DINO EGGS, you become Time Master Tim, traveling into the past to save the dinosaurs from extinction. As you search for eggs and rescue the hatching baby dinos, there are dangers all around, not the least of which is the heavy foot of Dino Mom (!)

I am pleased to announce that my game is coming back - expanded and re-imagined - as DINO EGGS: REBIRTH. I hope you wil enjoy this video about the game.

If the early 1980's were a "golden age" for computer games, perhaps it was because a single artist could create a full-featured game by himself. Every pixel, every tick of the speaker, every byte of self-modifying code was born of the same vision.

In writing the original "Dino Eggs," I took pride in packing everything I could into those big floppy disks, that 48K of memory, and those six screen colors on the old Apple ][.

It is not simple to bring an 8-bit game "up to date." It is like adapting a story to an entirely new medium. I hope you'll enjoy the results.

We're aiming for a Windows PC release later this year.

Thanks for reading...

Jun 8 2013 Anchor

Hey man welcome back to game making.
Im loving the idea of multiple players & 2d platformer
Hopefully it will catch on.


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Jun 11 2013 Anchor

Thanks Splat!

The new "Dino Eggs: Rebirth" programmer himself was ten-years-old when the original game came out. He began developing a fan/tribute version of "Dino Eggs" some years ago, then we started to collaborate on a commercial version.

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