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May 18 2017 Anchor

Hello, My name is Sean or RelicTitan. Anyways, i need a bit of help with 3d models. Due to no funds i cant purchase any 3d modeling software, and the Blender UI is rage inducing. I'm trying to learn 3d modeling, and instead of overwhelming myself with learning more about UE4 AND Blender, im taking it slow. I am looking for a kind-hearted individual, who is willing to make a few 3d models for me. i have no funds to give, but i do have a voice to refer your name and have a game under development that i can credit you in.

Here is a few details:

Game is a Survival-esque horror set in an abandoned Sanatorium from the late 1800's to early 1900's. I need some medical props like gurneys, surgical tables and equipment, beds etc. anything would help really, i cant even manage to make a simple door or chair. I work on this project for hours everyday and my progress is always halted due to no props so i have to move to a different section.

Any help is help nonetheless. Thanks for reading.

Stay awesome!

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May 19 2017 Anchor

blender can be learned well enough for what you need within 3-4 days of practice and youtube videos. Ive watch peeps go from beginner to pro in just a few weeks. its def worth the time to learn it. might seem intimidating but its really not.

May 19 2017 Anchor

I'm sure i can get the hang of it, its just the controls are so un-intuitive. I'll give it another go soon enough. Just seeing if anyone is willing to give a stranger abit of help to start. Thanks for the pep talk :)

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