The Cafu Engine is an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine and game development kit, feature complete to get you started quickly. Cafu is available to everyone as 100% free software under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3). It can be used to create a variety of 3D applications, including games, simulations, and training and architectural software. Written in C++, the tools, libraries and framework have been designed to make the development of new games and other 3D applications easy. They are actively and continuously developed in order to provide the latest technology.

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The Official Tutorial of Cafu Engine in order to compile the Source code in Windows... Also you can check:

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Cafu uses SCons as its software build system on all supported platforms. SCons is a modern replacement formake and Makefiles. SCons requires the Python scripting language to be installed, so that you have to get and install both Python and SCons on your computer.
Under Windows,
  • first get and install Python 2.7 (not one of the newer, but backwards-incompatible 3.x editions!),
  • then get and install SCons 2.0 (or any later version; with VS 2010, you even need version 2.1 (alpha)) from

If in doubt, pick the Windows installers for both Python 2.7 and SCons 2.0: they are easy to use, lightweight, and automatically setup the proper environment variables.Important notes:

  • Pick the 32-bit edition of Python even on 64-bit systems! (Unfortunately, SCons does not yet work with the 64-bit builds of Python.) That is, python-2.7.2.msi is the right file for all Windows systems.
  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7, run the SCons installer via right-click, then select “Run as administrator”.

That is normally all, but you may wish to check if the Python installer added Pythons Scripts directory to thePATH environment variable of your system. For example, if Python was installed in C:\Python27, then PATHshould contain both C:\Python27 and C:\Python27\Scripts. Otherwise, you have to add the proper directories manually: See for additional information.In order to verify that everything is working correctly, open a new command prompt and enter scons -v:
The report of the SCons version indicates that both Python and SCons are ready for use. Please make sure that you use SCons version 2.0 or newer, older versions don't work!

Cafu can be compiled as 32-bit and 64-bit software on all platforms. The following compilers are supported:
Visual C++ 2010 and Visual C++ 2008 You can use the free Express Editions with Cafu. They are available at and automatically install the related Microsoft Windows SDK.
Visual C++ 2005 Also suitable for Cafu in its free Express Edition. However, unlike the newer 2010 or 2008 versions, note that the Microsoft Windows SDK must be installed from a separate download in another step.

These are just the compilers that we regularly use here at CFS, other compilers should work as well. As the Cafu source code is very portable, compilers that are sufficiently standards compliant can be employed without further ado.The compiler setup is fully automatic: No action is required in this step, and you can directly proceed to the next.Optionally, if you want to change the default settings now or later, here is an overview of how it works:

  1. When SCons is run in the next step, it first determines if file Cafu/ already exists. If it doesn't (e.g. when you do this for the first time), it automatically creates the file as a copy ofCafu/
  2. Alternatively, you can also copy Cafu/ to Cafu/ manually. This is only required once, and only if you want to edit Cafu/ before SCons is run for the first time.
  3. You can edit Cafu/ in order to set the compiler and tools that are used to build Cafu, and to set the target architecture (such as x86 or x86_64) that it is build for. Each setting is well documented, so you should have no problems to make the desired changes.
    The default settings automatically determine the latest installed compiler and the current architecture, so in most cases the file works out-of-the-box and you have to change nothing at all. Also if you have doubts about the right settings, just continue and use the file as-is.

When you do this for the first time, we recommend that you don't bother with Cafu/ at all. Just let the automatisms determine the settings, and come back here later if desired or required.

On 64-bit Windows systems, SCons tries to find a 64-bit compiler, but Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition comes with a 32-bit compiler only. To tell SCons to use the 32-bit compiler instead, please edit fileCafu/ as described here.
You are now ready compile the Cafu source code. At the command prompt, change into the top-level Cafudirectory (where also the files and SConstruct are), then type:

> scons

This will start the compilation. When you do this for the first time, be prepared that it will take a while: Everything is being built from scratch, once for the debug and once for the release build. (When you repeat the same command in the future, e.g. after source code changes or updates, only the minimum set of files will be rebuilt and the entire process will complete much faster.) if you have a multi-core system, you can speed this up by having several build jobs run in parallel:

> scons -j N

where N is the maximum number of jobs to start simultaneously. For example, try -j 4 on a quad-core machine.

You may use the time while the build process is running to download some supplemental files. These files are not strictly required, but will help you with trying out the newly compiled programs as described below.We recommend that you download and extract the following files: Cafu/Games/DeathMatch/Textures Cafu/Games/DeathMatch/Worlds

Note that although these files are zip archives, they are for use on all platforms (Windows and Linux). With these files, you can immediately run the Cafu engine and see some example worlds when the compilation has finished.

Also you can check:

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