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Play test the 1st level of Mario Roots to get a general idea of how the game plays. The full demo will contain the entire Chapter 1. Requires DirectX9

Mario Roots Pre Demo
kirbyhi5 Author

Ah crap. I uploaded the wrong version. This was an experimental version using a different display mode.(Meaning there may be some issues if you run into any) I'd re-upload, but it would take some days for the download to get administrated again.

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Seriously i played the "demo"

its terrible

Allow me to tell you a couple of bug

1: during the fight with bowser i got Kick out of the screen at the extreme left and couldn't fight bowser so I had to quit the game

Also few more thing

the game is too Quick
If i start running i will end up in the face of an ennemy or in an hole

the graphic are decent but still some work is necessary

Add an boutton to scroll down an talk with NPC or Edit one

I really Love the concept of Paper mario but the many bug's are killing the game... make mario run less quickly, correct the bug and you will have an amazing mod

right now i cant play with it seriously

Continue your hard work man!

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kirbyhi5 Author

I apologize. Yes that bug/annoyances have already been fixed. I really don't see how 1 bug= terrible though. I can't really make any dramatic changes when you only gave me 1 thing to work with, which has already been fixed. Yes it was too fast before, but not to the point where you'd blindly run into an enemy. I'm not sure what you mean by " a button to scroll down to talk with an NPC". A small chat bubble appears above their head, and you press UP to talk to them.

Yes I admit I wrapped this demo up hastily, which was a mistake on my part. But yes, everything you mentioned was fixed months ago.

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Found a fatal glitch:

When you ride on the koopa shell, (pressing ctrl) and you die, when you come back the koopa shell isn't there and you can't get past the water!
You should really fix this in the final version, you don't want to get a lot of hateful comments.

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