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Jun 25th, 2007
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Lethal Agents Beta 1 First public release of Lethal Agents. More info on the web page and the moddb profile!

Lethal Agents Beta 1

First public release of Lethal Agents.

More info on the web page and the moddb profile!

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the_man_haley Jul 30 2007 buried:


this mod totally stinks. Unoriginal and not only that it steals from CS and other mods. I got this originally thinking based on the moddb score it would be good(whats happened to moddb that their ratings suck so bad?). Does moddb inflate ratings just to get people to try mods? Seems to be the case with this uninspriing an might I say dead online mod. I thought it would have like chemical warfare in it, given the name is called Lethal Agents, duh, guess I took that a little to literally. A word of caution to anyone looking at downloading this.. Your first hint is to go to their site and notice that they have NO community. These guys released this mod over a month ago and they have 68 registered users. LOL! I gave em my feelings about their mod and it wasn't too nice but reading over their posts, they don't seem like very nice people anyhow. My feeling was a bunch of high school kiddies hacking code. But it's from the heart and how I feel. I think a mod is only successful when you got real talent behind the lines and not some highschool dropout as a coder and a guy pasting in models from other mods. Trust me, stick to CS or DOD and HL2 least there are other there agree with me that this mod is just really amateur work. Check for my post on their forums, they'll likely nuke it. I find most unsuccessful mods try and keep negative comments out. I created an account there the_man...

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freedomfry Apr 24 2008 replied:

Wow..."the_man" why dont you just shut up your wasting your breath no one cares about your opinion.... lmao....

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MurdaMoney Jun 23 2008 replied:


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Mr.John Feb 5 2009 replied:

agreed. Fking deuche >;)

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xanderkrews Dec 31 2009 replied:

at least they have contributed something to society you dog.

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jayque Aug 18 2007 says:

We never nuked your post btw, anyone interested in what he said is free to stop by our forums and take a look. Grab yourself a cup of coffee first, its quite the lengthy read... :D

While your there, check out what we have in the works!


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Shreek Aug 23 2007 says:

Hmmm just like to say thanks to the_man_haley for HER input it really helped me alot, I would not have really noticed this mod if it was not for HER long comment on the mods 'many' downfalls. Thanks to HER big song and dance I was tempted to try the mod out and I love it :) I will be looking forward to future releases from the team.

Anyone else reading this should give the mod a try!
tutty bye!

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dangy5 May 10 2008 says:

Dude have you even played the game i hate people like you trying to ruin mods because they have their problem go see a shrink.

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jkiller92211 Jun 29 2008 says:

where is singleplayer i would rather play a story game than some stupid online game

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