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Nov 29th, 2007
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Digital Paintball: Source is a multiplayer paintball game based on the Half-life 2 engine. It attempts to recreate the experience of playing paintball in both fictional and non-fictional environments

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Digital Paintball: Source Alpha 2
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george101 Feb 9 2008, 12:22pm says:

how do you download this thing?

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nemesis1993 Apr 25 2008, 3:37pm replied:

try clicking on downloads lol

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tomphillips May 19 2008, 12:30pm replied:

hi you know on digital paintball is the game or a mod for a game so like i have to buy half life 2 and then download this mod?

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barky112 Jun 19 2008, 6:25pm replied:

yeah but it's multiplayer u need multiplayer so hl2dm for single player half life 2 or episodes

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supersai20 Jul 6 2008, 6:29pm replied:

so wait? i can play hl2 sp mods with an episode only?

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gaminggary Aug 13 2008, 5:02am replied:

what one u download ive got half life 2 already but i dont no wat to download reply back plz

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teh_spy Sep 8 2008, 4:02pm replied:

you need half life 2 in your steam's "My Games" Section.
You need one of the following games to get it -

-Half-Life 2
-Half-Life Episodes

-Counter-Strike: Source

-Day of Defeat: Source

-Team Fortress 2

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diesal_11 Sep 15 2008, 4:34am replied:

or portal or hl2:dm or hl:source or hldm:source or hl loast coast

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BoingBoing9001 May 21 2009, 2:54am replied:

Nope, Half Life 1 games and mods don't work since they don't use the source engine. Half Life 2: Deathmatch still needs the single player to mount some stuff on, but probably could work.

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karlo Feb 14 2008, 1:12pm says:

i dont know

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Herogamer Feb 19 2008, 10:21am says:

how do i install this

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killerkid5000 Mar 17 2008, 5:36pm says:

wtf is this i cant download it!?can it be downloaded for steam?!

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gunsmoke160 Mar 24 2008, 12:14pm says:

use the texas link it worked for me (you need steam to play)

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paintballer33 Mar 29 2008, 5:17pm replied:

what is a steam

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00aron00 Apr 27 2008, 1:33pm replied:

well steam is a gaming software thingy and its where you make freinds and stuffs and play games like CS:S and DOD:S and HL2 and their mods ofc plus they are getting all the good games like COD4 and UT series and stuff

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aaokid17 Jun 27 2008, 4:13am replied:

how do u download steam?

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devdog1017 Aug 7 2008, 12:54pm replied:

Go to steampowered.com

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idkhowtodownloaddpb Jul 12 2008, 10:52pm replied:

what did u do it keeps on saying steam must be restarted for the game to show on the game list

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shadowstalker123 Mar 29 2008, 12:34pm says:

It work for me too.

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paintballer33 Mar 29 2008, 5:07pm says:

wtf is a steam

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gaminggary Aug 13 2008, 5:04am replied:

steam is something u download from steampowered u have to get half life 2 to use it thats why if u download it didnt work

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ZeRo_InSaNiTy Feb 5 2009, 5:15pm replied:

paintballer33 u must be like 9 so gtfo mod db

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Huntsman411 Jul 21 2009, 5:44am replied:

lol he must be a raging 9 year old fkn 9 year olds

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kriller1995 Apr 3 2008, 11:46am says:

There arent any servers???

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killer1087 Apr 4 2008, 12:07pm says:

omg texas gies slow for me

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Briceajones18 Apr 13 2008, 10:51pm says:

are there any servers

+1 vote     reply to comment
Alienhell Apr 18 2008, 7:19pm says:

There were servers. I was one of the last people online. Then the server just crashed. Permenantly. It's been about a month now. So Until they fix it or get a new one it's dead!!!

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aeroSnuggsIRS May 11 2008, 3:39pm says:

Evry time i download it it doesnt show up on "My Games" list, anyone know why?

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hardcorepballer1 May 16 2008, 6:38pm says:

ok ok... i finished downloaded it, put just after i click next on the installation process it then says ''Steam should be restarted for the game to apear in the game list'' I dont have this steam... where do i get steam... what can i do... im desperate..

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aeroSnuggsIRS May 17 2008, 6:23pm says:

To get steam go to steampowered.com and download it, its free, but i already have it, and have had it for a while, but when it says "steam must be restarted" i restart and its still not in "my games" list, anyone know what i can do about that?

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Alienhell May 29 2008, 4:30am replied:

It's because the only server that was up and running for the game is down. It crashed about 2 months ago. I saw it happen. So don't bother till the creator get's another server up.

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System-Error-Message Jun 7 2008, 12:05pm replied:

Well i can host but only on weekends as long as it works with srcds. most mods i try cant even be hosted on the source dedicated servers (new and old versions)

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barky112 Jun 20 2008, 8:08am replied:

well dude i always shut steam down b4 i start downloading then when install finished put on steam

+1 vote     reply to comment
RMCThomson May 16 2009, 12:20pm replied:

you need to go offline then restart it, then go online again, then it should be there. i hope this helps

+1 vote     reply to comment
spartan542 Jun 9 2008, 7:55pm says:

how do you restart steam?i have steam.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Powerchu Jun 11 2008, 5:57am says:

Erm, i gonna tell u guys without steam 1 thing, even WITH Steam, u still need a legit Source-engine based game like Portal, HL2, TF2 and CS:Source, without 1 of this SOURCE based game and the source SDK base, this mod is practically nothing to you.

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drpainNsnipes Jul 2 2008, 12:39pm says:

how u guys download steam is very easy u go to getsteam.com and there should be a thing saying on the steam web page saying on the right of the screan saying download then when finish restart steam then u should have the game oh ya and u need to make a acount its easy and its free when done makeing acount go to games on the acount and it should say under games that paint ball game right again and ill help u:)

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drpainNsnipes Jul 2 2008, 12:43pm says:

email me @ dr.pain@live.com

+1 vote     reply to comment
drpainNsnipes Jul 2 2008, 12:53pm says:

if u dont no were to get source bassed engin go to steam after making a acount then go to store and buy portal or get half-life2 or just get the orange box if u dont want to do that go to tools then just down load all the tools things i forgot wich 1 just down load all of them

+1 vote     reply to comment
drpainNsnipes Jul 2 2008, 12:55pm says:

if u have any questions email me @ dr.pain@live.com

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GisleAune Jul 4 2008, 2:30pm says:

Stop asking what a steam is.

You need to buy Half-Life 2 to play this, because it's a MOD.

www.steampowered.com is the webpage for steam where you could buy Half-Life 2 online.

BTW, you could buy it in stores too.

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idkhowtodownloaddpb Jul 12 2008, 9:45pm says:

can someone explain on how to download this ****

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CupNoodles Jul 17 2008, 12:44am says:

how come when i click on find server nuthing comes up

+1 vote     reply to comment
ortorio Aug 9 2008, 10:31am says:

here is a little "navigate"...
go to steampowered.com
then download it.
after download and install, buy a source game like hl2 or something...
it's easier whit the orange box....
then after buy and install(steam has to download some files)
but after install download this mod (or any mod you want)
before you install shut down steam (by right klicking the steam icon in the right corner)
and after install start steam again and you should have the mod there....

P.S i love this mod

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ashmaster Aug 28 2008, 8:53pm says:

WTF i spent 2 hours downloadin this and its not on steam after reset

+1 vote     reply to comment
Cokecola Sep 12 2008, 1:04am says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
-U4EA-Minty Nov 5 2008, 6:46pm says:

Anyone have a complete Linux Binaries server file I can get? I have two DPB servers running, one on ADSL and one on cable both running on Windows machines. Now I need the Linux server Binaries to get an actual rented server running for this mod.

If you have the files please e-mail me at minty@u4ea.cc


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masterwulff Jan 1 2009, 10:55am says:

when im trying to logon a server the its sayin its not my class table
what do i have to do

+1 vote     reply to comment
sniped007 Jan 6 2009, 2:10am says:

wtf theres no servers. is this dead?

+1 vote     reply to comment
BcForCe Jan 29 2009, 6:52pm says:

looks cool but no servers

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