The developer group for the upcoming HL2 SP-Mod "Zeitgeist".

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Anywhere [OLD] Source Sound Designer at Northcape Studios

source sound designer northcape studios anywhere audio/music northcape studios is looking for a sound designer / sound engineer to work with us on the development of an alternative reality 1930s hl2 total conversion called "zeitgeist" (moty 2009 editor's choice candidate). for more information on the project's background, find us on . what we're offering: - an experienced and professional team of developers. we have connections to many large companies as well as team members working in the games and tv/entertainment industries. - the expectation of turning the mod into a full scale independant production. - equipment, infrastructure and resources as well as the support of a professional sound designer with a fully equipped sound recording studio, foley stage etc. are at your disposal. - covering through articles in many computer and video game magazines. what we require: - experience with the source engine, sound related entities and the source workflow. - a selection of representative samples of your work (along with examples of previous projects if existing). - passion for your field of work and commitment to the project itself. - the ability to think of a sound, create it and take it into the game. - good social skills and the willingness to produce genuinely original content for a rather unusual game.

German-speaking countries [OLD] Character Modeler at Northcape Studios

character modeler northcape studios german-speaking countries artists since we planned a big variety of characters in the zeitgeist universe, we are currently looking for a second character modeler to join our team. requirements: you should have source specific experiences in - modeling - texturing - rigging/ skinning - animating (facial as well as skeletal animations) - exporting/ compiling a character. while we will provide you with rough concept sketches of the characters, you will still be able to be creative and decide about many details on your own. if you think you are the right person to fill this positions, either apply via a thread in our forums, a private message on moddb or contact us per email

Jun 26, 2009
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