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Anywhere [OLD] Graphic GUI Designer at WolfenGames

graphic gui designer wolfengames anywhere artists i am looking for someone who will do graphics for gui. the game will be featured in different time eras, so different gui will need to be made. experience : knows what you are doing. must be able to : create the gui to relay the feel of the game. work with the rest of team, possible create effects well the graphics for the effects

Anywhere [OLD] 3D modelers, animators at WolfenGames

3d modelers, animators wolfengames anywhere artists hey guys i'm in the process of creating a random fps, i say random cause random events will occur,i am currently looking for a team of modelers and animators, about 5-6 this is as of the moment of this add a non profit project[means no payments, not even for me or rest of the team], id really appreciate any help needs to be able : 1. to work with a team 2. report frequently about status of what they are doing 3. think creatively and out of the box 4. have a good time

Oct 11, 2013
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