Ok everyone seems I made a mistake with adding the group for the mod, come to find out we were soppose to add a Development group that is wrong doing on my part. Now lets get started with the mod.

So far we have *ME-U*Prothean making the models, and Unwarping the uv, for texturing. If you would like to help him with this talk to him. I will be doing the animations, rigging, coding. Until we get more people that are willing to do this. We a mapper, and someone for converting sounds files over to .wav. We need as much help as possible on the mod. It's gonna be a huge mod and need all the help we can get.

We will be starting with space, so space ships, space stations, skydomes, etc etc will be going into the game first. The reason why is cause we have more space units. The ground units will be going into the game last. We will actually have to make new and unique ground units for Caldari, Amarr, AvP, and a couple of other fractions, so alot of work and time will be going into ground units. Any questions contact me (Fallconde) or *ME-U*Prothean.

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