We are a small game development team trying to deliver the finest quality games we can, soon enough we will have screenshots and concept art of our first horror game.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Environment Artist Needed at Twisted Passenger Games

3d environment artist needed twisted passenger games anywhere artists hello, we are searching for an environment modeler who can model and texture his models to help with a small project, we are looking for someone who wants a portfolio or a hobby, or who just wants to be involved because we're a really small indie team who can't afford payments yet (we plan crowdfunding after the demo we're working on). so if you're interested make sure to email us and ask some questions and send some work you've previously done!

Anywhere [OLD] Sprite Maker! at Twisted Passenger Games

sprite maker! twisted passenger games anywhere artists hello, we are in need of a sprite maker for our side-srolling 2d game ios game! we need someone to make a main character sprite and some enemy sprites, it is not a paid job but the game will be developed quickly and you will get a % of the money we make off it. you will be informed of what the project is when we speak properly. thanks magnus spikes!

Anywhere [OLD] 3D Modeler Or Texture Artist for survival horror game at Twisted Passenger Games

3d modeler or texture artist for survival horror game twisted passenger games anywhere artists hello! we need 3d modelers and texture artists to work with us on our debut horror video game built on udk, we already started working on the project in may 2013 and have gone quite far, you will only need to model two mansions and what's inside of them, of course not alone because the work will be splitted with other people from the team, the job is not paid but a kickstarter campaign might happen.. requirements: *good modeling or texturing skills *you have to be active and easy to reach almost daily *you need a facebook account

Anywhere [OLD] Character Modeler at Twisted Passenger Games

character modeler twisted passenger games anywhere artists we are twisted passenger games working on our debut horror game, we are currently making a kickstarter demo and are in need of character modeler(s), this is not a paid job right now but for the demo you will only model one character! the requirments are skype and good skills, make sure to add us on skype for more information.

Anywhere [OLD] Male Voice Actor Needed! at Twisted Passenger Games

male voice actor needed! twisted passenger games anywhere audio/music we are recruiting male voice actors for the third main role of our survival horror game, you will need to have a good quality microphone and a good american accent, you will be asked to record a dialogue line and send it through skype, then you will be picked out of all the people that has auditioned. requirments: *skype *a good quality mic *an american accent *a good sense of acting

Anywhere [OLD] Level Designer For Horror Game. at Twisted Passenger Games

level designer for horror game. twisted passenger games anywhere level designers we need someone who has good knowledge of level design who is good at making resident evil 1/0/2/3 styled maps (actually better) you'd basically take a 2d map previously designed with paint and remake it with more halls and rooms and make it suficticated, maybe some puzzles. requirements: *good background in survival horror game levels (will be tested) *good photoshop skills (not necessarily) *skype *being active on skype almost everyday is very important. if you have anymore information please feel free to add me on skype and talk to me.

Anywhere+Skype Required [OLD] Graphic Designer For Horror Game. at Twisted Passenger Games

graphic designer for horror game. twisted passenger games anywhere+skype required artists looking for a graphic designer that is looking for exposure and experience more than money, someone who will work for free till maybe the end of this year. what you will do: - design posters, wallpapers and logos for the game. - design menus and in game huds, inventories and similar things if you want information about the game don't hesitate to contact us via skype.

Jul 6, 2013
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