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Anywhere [OLD] Player Modeler at TheIntercooler Games

player modeler theintercooler games anywhere artists theintercooler games the company who brought you revelade revolution (fps) is now working on our next game called broken shield. it is an open source pvp rpg mmorpg. we are looking for someone that can create models in md3, md5, iqm, smd. we are in need of various models from playable characters to npcs around the world. some weapon modeling may be needed also. the project itself is planned for 6 months - 12 months development before beta testing. the game will be a free to play game and all credit for work done as well as being listed on our time on our site and indiedb. this is an unpaid job but you will not only get real world experience but also get to work with a great team of talented people making a game that will not only be fun to play but also fun to make. for those interest please email me for further info.

Sep 5, 2010
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