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Anywhere [OLD] Cryengine World/Level Designer at Terrafirma Entertainment

cryengine world/level designer terrafirma entertainment anywhere level designers i'm looking for experienced level/world designers who are able to use cryengine to design their levels in high detail. your job will consist of making a 'post-apocalyptic' world with towns, enterable buildings, military encampments and other such things. when building the interiors you will be working a large amount with the team's 3d modeler who will be able to make interior items for the buildings. thanks for any and all applications.

Anywhere [OLD] Experienced Cryengine Programmer at Terrafirma Entertainment

experienced cryengine programmer terrafirma entertainment anywhere programmers i'm looking for a programmer who is experienced with crytek's cryengine. your job will be to work on parts of the game that would need high levels of knowledge with programming in cryengine. you will also be making sure that we keep our goals when wanting to program something into the game are realistically possible. thanks for any applications.

Anywhere [OLD] Cryengine Server Programmer at Terrafirma Entertainment

cryengine server programmer terrafirma entertainment anywhere programmers somebody who is experienced with making servers for games in crytek's cryengine. your job will consist of giving guidelines to everyone about what we would be able to use in a multiplayer environment and what we won't. you will also be programming the server that our game will run on and setting up item databases where we can keep information of what items players have so that they keep their gear when changing between different servers. thanks for your applications.

Anywhere [OLD] 3D modeler and/or artist at Terrafirma Entertainment

3d modeler and/or artist terrafirma entertainment anywhere artists i'm looking for a 3d modeler and artist that has had past experience with crytek's cryengine. you will be working on a game for my indie company 'terrafirma entertainment'. the game is a multiplayer post-apocalyptic survival game which focuses on player banding together to survive the harsh wasteland which they once called their home, or the players could choose to kill other players for more supplies. if you are accepted for the job you will be informed about the project in more detail. if you are a 3d modeler you will be doing things such as making props for the map, designing weapons, items, player models, npc's and other things. if you are an artist then you will be making the game's poster, cover art, concept art and other things along those lines. if you have some friends who would like to help on this project feel free to tell me about them too in your application and i will consider letting them join the dev team. thank you for your applications

Nov 5, 2013
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