Team Combined Studios is currently working on their first game, Combined Blue Storm, a scifi FPS.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D modeler (unpaid) at TC Studios

3d modeler (unpaid) tc studios anywhere artists team combined looking for 3d modelers of all types for combined blue storm fps. with 3 requirements, - dedication and sacrifice to the cause to the cause. - the works you create for the project are used only for the project. - the ability to work together with the rest of the team to overcome problems ad goals. this is of course unpaid, but you will have your share when the game is commercially distributed. contact for in depth details about the game.

Anywhere [OLD] Concept artist, Envirornment modeller at TC Studios

concept artist, envirornment modeller tc studios anywhere artists combined team is looking for dedicated artists and modellers to join whats left of our team. all positions are open but these two are the ones we desire to be filled the most. of course you have to be willing to sacrifice for this project and put time out of every day for the project. information on the project: requirements: 1. experience and personal objectives, what can you bring special to the team? 2. dedication and cohesion with the other members of the team. 3. self motivation and control over your actions as a team member. job description: 1.bring something to the table that other projects dont have. 2. to make the projects style come to life 3. and of course to work in conjunction with the rest of the team to make the project even better. these positions are unpaid. however, you will be given your equal fraction of the money from the commercial product. and dont forget about the experience.

Feb 20, 2012
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