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Anywhere [OLD] Programmer at Summer 101 Dev

programmer summer 101 dev anywhere programmers i am simondenton, young film maker and modder. i am currently working on a total conversion mod for deus ex called summer 101(http://www.moddb.com/mods/summer-101) . it is a game like bully set in high school with non lethal but effective weapons like slingshots and stink bombs. there will be a single player story mode and a multiplayer component. with dx modders running short and since i can only do so much work -programmer: to help fix errors, change and add new features. also working with mission script. programming and artist work needed: -hud: for the weaon selection, find out how hardcore made it only having one icon, representing the current weapon and how they made it that you have to scroll to select the weapon you want and how they positioned it on a different part of the screen. http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/3472/hudlayout.png ignore the inventory belt as i chose to do hardcore's unrealistic weapon selection system -fists being in the 0 weapon slot and cannot be dropped (like nano key) -10 second time limit when doing conversation choices -new skills: melee untrained: soft punches (soft punching animation). trained: block can absorb 25% damage, player can kick. advanced:block can absorb 50% damge, hard punches (hard punch animation replaces soft punch). master: block absorbs 75% damage, harder kick (hard kick animation replaces soft kick). locomotion: untrained: basic jumping, climbing and running. trained: sprint enabled running slightly faster. advanced: climbing is considerably faster. master: sprinting is faster and climbing is even faster. -disable player from spending skill points to enhance their skills. -melee and locomotion skill: enabling functions at specific skill levels -sprint function: make the shift button bind to sprinting. player increases speed when sprinting and drains energy. this is governed by the locomotion skill. -after a certain amount of time not using energy, the energy bar will slowly regenerate. -in player class make different menu maps appear depending on how far the player has gone in the story. -pencil case model that works like a corpse when you collect items from it. mission script -a flag trigger that sets a flag when a specific pawn's health is below 50% -how to make the player immobile when a flag is set -how to spawn decoration items -how to switch b invincible from true to false and vice versa when a flag is set knocked out: when the player is nocked out after 3 seconds giving time for the enemies to say their barkareasecure or allies to say barkgore the player teleports to a medical facility the mission script determines. sounds for player -when a player chooses the option they bark out their conversation associated with the option e.g gangstermalea_barkyes > player will bark "yeah!" > team message 'playername: (voice) yeah!' carcass idea: when npc's "die" they perform a random custom fallind down animation. once on the floor they carcass performs an animation making them roll side to side holding their head or any other animation while lying on the ground with a moaning and hurting ambient sound. like in bully. e.g right leg health goes to below 0% first, the npc does the falling down animation then do a looping animation of holding their right leg and sounding the ambient sound. make player use these sounds for the following functions. 4 x cough 4 x knocked down 4 x wretch (stink bomb) 4 x itching (itching powder) 3 x burn (fire cracker) 3 x small damage 3 x medium damage 3 x large damage 2 x land damage 2 x sprinting 2 x jump 2 x punching soft (random pitch) 2 x punching hard (if got hard punch functionality) sounds for npcs 2 x cough (smoke) 2 x knocked down 2 x eye pain (stink bomb) 2 x jump 2 x pain large 2 x pain medium 2 x pain small 2 x unconscious 2 x punching (random pitch) its ambitious, but imagine the final product.

Anywhere [OLD] Character Artist at Summer 101 Dev

character artist summer 101 dev anywhere artists summer 101 is in need of a large number of new characters. the artist needs to create textures for various characters in 3 different multiskins: -face and hands -top part (shirt) -bottom part (pants) the artist has to create the textures with dimensions in powers of 2: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc. and the colour has to be 8 bit and in .bmp or .pcx format. the textures have to be as realistic as possible. the artist can make as many as they like. below are the kind of characters that need to have custom skins: -teachers; science, maths, english, gym etc. -nerds -bullies; tough looking guys with leather jackets and other rough clothing -girls -town people; homeless, businessman, shopkeeper

Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist at Summer 101 Dev

concept artist summer 101 dev anywhere artists summer 101 needs a concept artist who is experienced with drawing up ideas for the mod. concept artists on the team will be asked to send images of concepts of characters, locations, missions and any other idea that the mod could benefit from.

Anywhere [OLD] Programmer at Summer 101 Dev

programmer summer 101 dev anywhere programmers summer 101 needs a programmer that has extensive understanding of uscript for unreal engine 1 as well as sound knowledge of deus ex. there are unique mechanics and other features that need a very good programmer. excercises like the pause menu, adding features like achievements, replacing and adding new content such as multiplayer modes and players and so on. it is desirable that the programmer can compile classes and solve any warnings or errors faced while compiling.

Anywhere [OLD] Modeler/Animator at Summer 101 Dev

modeler/animator summer 101 dev anywhere artists summer 101 needs weapons to be modeled and animated. each weapon model needs a first and third person mesh as well as a pickup mesh. the modeler has to produce a fully polished model. the animators need to animate the model fully for every function. weapons include fists, slingshots, fire crackers, stink bombs and more. modelers and animators of all skills are welcome if they post their latest work and notify me.

Apr 15, 2009
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