We are the developers of Special Forces: Source. If you want more information about our mod, please take a look at our Steam Group or ModDB Profile.

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Anywhere [OLD] 3D artists/modelers at Special Forces Studios

3d artists/modelers special forces studios anywhere artists special forces: source is recruiting 3d artists/modelers. we are looking for volunteers to build the player models, weapon models, and some set decorations. ideally, the mod will have a full team of model artists... but that can't happen without your help. 3d artists should be familiar with the source sdk and one of many 3d modeling software products such as milkshape, 3ds max, or soft image xsi mod tool. if you can make models for source games... we want you!

Anywhere [OLD] Mapper at Special Forces Studios

mapper special forces studios anywhere programmers special forces: source is seeking mappers and level designers. the goal of our mapping and design team is to create maps of various industrial, public, and private structures and areas. maps will range from a lumber mill to an airport to a sky-scraper. cool designs and believable architecture are a must. familiarity with hammer and the sdk are very helpful, but even mapping experience for other engines are helpful. maps would be designed and built in hammer. mappers would then improve the designs with refinements and, of course, implement the custom map entities and concepts. we would love to have a robust mapping team for this project.

May 23, 2008
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