Mmm... very standard as usual, a team of skint enthusiasts who likes games. Boring office workers at daytime, almighty game developers at nights. London-Moscow based.

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Anywhere [OLD] Animator at Snow Arc Studio

animator snow arc studio anywhere artists hey there! we are the team who works on frozen state, a post-apocalyptic horror game set in a fictional secret city in soviet siberia. the progress that we have already made along with some more details about the game, you can find on our indiedb page - . though the development is doing well, we experience a strong need of an animator who can help us out with animating of all those grotesque creatures we have. ( ) please bear in mind that we do our work on pure enthusiasm and unfortunately we can’t offer a paid job. but what we can promise is a friendly and passionate team made of enthusiastic people, interesting project and at the end a finished game. if you know: -rigging -skinning -animation in maya or 3d max -familiar with motion builder you have some spare time and desire to take part in frozen state development, feel free to drop us a line or

Aug 11, 2012
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